Maternity Benefit is admissible to insured women in the event of confinement or miscarriage etc. for 12 weeks and the rate of about 100 percent of the wages.


Maternity Benefit is admissible for :
* 84 days in case of confinement:
* 42 days in case of miscarriage.

This benefit is also admissible for sickness arising out of pregnancy / miscarriage or confinement for a maximum period of one month , additionally. The rate of this benefit is equal to or a little more than the wages i.e. double the standard benefit rate.

Maternity benefit continues to be payable even in the death of an insured woman during her delivery or immediately following the date of her delivery leaving behind a child , for the whole of that period and in case the child also dies, during the said period, until the death of the child.


An insured woman is eligible for maternity benefit for confinement / miscarriage, if contributions in respect of her have been paid or payable for not less than 70 days in the two immediately preceding consecutive contribution periods with reference to the Benefit Period in which the confinement took place. The minimum daily maternity benefit rate is Rs.28/- and maximum is Rs.390/- as per present rates. At present maximum amount of maternity benefit in terms cash, thus, works out to Rs.32760/-

Maternity Benefit - Eligibility Conditions under Rule - 56 of ESI (Central) Rules, 1950

In continuation to this office instructions issued vide letter No.R-14/13/99-Ins.II dated
14.02.05 wherein it was conveyed that the following conditions shall be fulfilled while deciding the eligibility to Maternity Benefits under Rule 56 of ESI (Central) Rules, 1950.
With reference to the claimant, prior to the benefit period in which the actual or expected date of confinement falls, two consecutive immediately preceding contribution periods must have existed.
The insured woman must be in insurable employment in both these periods.
The contribution for at least 70 days should have been payable in the said these two
contribution periods.
A number of references were received from the Regional Directors / Joint Directors I/c of Sub-Regional Offices pointing out that a number of difficulties are being faced while deciding * k eligibility of Insured Women to Maternity Benefit. The matter has been reconsidered and it is decided to modify the existing instructions in case of new entrants to the following extent-New entrant (Insured Woman) shall be entitled to claim Maternity Benefit, if her confinement occurring or expected to occur after nine months from her date of such employment and the contributions were payable for not less than 70 days in the ** immediately preceding corresponding one or two contribution periods.
Your browser may not support display of this image.It is therefore requested to decide the eligibility to the Maternity Benefit in respect of Insured Women.
This has the approval of the Insurance Commissioner