Employers' Rights and Duties

1 Exemption from applicability of Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 in respect of employees Covered under the scheme.

2 Exemption from applicability of Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 in respect of insured women.

3 Right to be represented on ESI Corporation, Medical Benefit Council and' other important committees of the Corporation that may be formed from time to time.

4 Right to be supplied requisite Forms as may be required for fulfilling any obligation under the ESI Act.

5 Right to recover employees share of contribution on the spot from the wages of insured persons.

6 Right to appeal to Employees' Insurance Court in case of any disputes.

7 Right to seek exemption from the applicability of the Scheme in case benefits provided by the Management are substantially similar or superior to those available under the ESI Scheme.

8 Right of access to all essential information concerning the applicability of the Act, benefits, contribution, inspections and other procedures.

Duties Of Employers

1 An employer will apply in Form-01for coverage under the ESI Act, within 15 days after the Act becomes applicable to a factory or establishment.

2 The employer will submit Declaration Form in respect of all coverable employees in the unit. *.

3 The employer will collect temporary identity cards from the Branch Office concerned followed by permanent photo identity cards and pass them on to the employees concerned.

4 The employer will deposit both employee's and employer's contribution as per specified rates within 21 days of the following month.

5 The Employer will maintain an Accident Book and submit accident reports to the Branch Office, involving insured worker(s) on the job, within 24 hours of an accident.

6 The Employer will maintain all such records and registers as are required under the Act and produce them for verification/inspection before the authorized officers of the Corporation.

7 The employer will facilitate proper inspection of records/registers and the premises by visiting officers of ESIC as and when so required.

8 The employer shall submit half-yearly return of Contribution (RC) by 12 th May/11 th November every year with all columns properly filled.*

9 The Employee shall indicate insurance number of IPs in chronological order in the return of contribution and his own code number in all correspondence *

10 The employer will not make any false declaration or misrepresentation of facts, concerning the applicability of the act, or, admissibility of benefits to employees—regular, hired or contractual.

11 The employers will ensure that contribution is paid in respect of all contract labour , badli and casual workers drawing wages upto Rs . 15,000/- a month (excluding remuneration for overtime).

12 The employer will promptly report the date of closure of a factory/establishment to the ESIC Branch Office/ Regional Office, preferably within seven days of such closure and clear ESI liabilities.

13 The employer will report any change in business activity, address, ownership or the management to ESIC authorities forth with.

14 An employer will also ascertain the liability towards ESI dues, while taking over the ownership of a factory/ establishment through purchase , gift, lease, licence or otherwise as the new owner is liable to discharge past liabilities.

15 The employer will submit Form 01A in respect of its unit/establishment every year.* *Employers can now submit through online